The CELEBRITY photo project is an intriguing experiment in which Ukrainian celebrities and IT-girls take on the images of iconic characters from cinema, music, and the fashion industry. To achieve maximum resemblance, we sifted through a plethora of images in search of the perfect match. Carefully selecting outfits, some time was spent simply living on the set, and finally, we achieved the desired result – enthusiastic feedback from the participants and stunning photographs. To understand just how close their roles are to our heroines, we asked what it is about these characters that captivates them.

Project leaders: Vitaliy Agapov and Rostyslav Arno
Photographer: Yaroslav Monchak

The first season
The project idea revolves around showcasing artistic photo works as replicas of the most recognizable images of celebrities from various countries. Ukrainian girls participate in the exhibition: Anastasiya Zvyeryeva - Audrey Hepburn, Ivanna Nikonova - Kate Moss, Marina Zdanovich - Charlize Theron, Valeriya Kruk - Brigitte Bardot, Nataliya Vorona - Monica Bellucci, Irina Hakalo - Sigourney Weaver, Svitlana Sverdlikova - Penelope Cruz, Nataliya Yegorova - Sienna Miller, Yuliana Ptyshyn - Demi Moore.