Project "Synergy"

the synergy of you and your home
Home is a reflection of you. Your habits, style, individuality live here.
The interior you live in is the aesthetics of your tastes, and there is no room for random details in its design. The same applies to the decoration of the walls. Yes, you can hang standard pictures or photos, but we are convinced that the best decoration of the house is its inhabitants.
It was this thought that inspired us to come up with an idea that embodies the philosophy of interaction between the house and its owner. We create a new approach to interior photography that reflects your personality and beauty in combination with the interior in which you live.

Interior - Nikolai Ivoglo
Photo: Jaroslav Monchak

project "Synergy"
How do we do it?
  • We analyze your interior: its style, colors, lighting, spaciousness, and select the photo format. At this stage, we work both with ready-made interiors and with projects that are in the process of design development.
  • We develop a unique concept for a photo session: we select the style of clothing, location, mood, poses, lighting and surroundings, creating a flawless composition.
  • We conduct a photo session, which is worked on by our team of professionals: stylist, make-up artist, photographer - so that every detail is perfect and reflects your uniqueness and character.
  • We select and prepare the main frames, print them on canvas or acrylic and transfer them in a convenient way for you.
Your home is you...
the synergy of you and your home
project "Synergy"
What will you get?
  • Ready-made photo according to the size and according to the aesthetics of your interior.
  • All successful photos from the photo session will be sent to you in digital format.
  • And the most important thing: unforgettable emotions and impressions from a photo shoot and an exciting creative process.
We believe that every detail in the home should reflect the character of the owner and his special energy. It is for unique people who value aesthetics and their own space that we create ideas and bring them to life.
now an offer in Switzerland
INTERIOR: Ostrovska Ya
ІINTERIOR: lucydreams
The cost of the project "Synergy" from CHF 1200